Concept list Gabelentz 1891 120

This list is not a real concept list in the strict sense, but rather a proposal for a useful semantic ordering of lexical entries for the purpose of language comparison. Gabelentz himself calls these «Collectaneen zum Verwandtschaftsnachweise» («collections [of words] for the purpose of proving language relationship»), and instead of providing strict glosses to be translated into different languages, he provides a schema on how a given collection of lexical entries can be ordered in order to ease the work of historical linguists. Despite the fact that this is no real concept list, we thought it would be useful to include it inour collection, since it illustrates one important purpose of concept lists: to provide an initial heuristic to search for probably related words. Since Gabelentz does not provide direct glosses as examples for all parts of his schema, we added some hopefully useful examples in all those cases where an original gloss was missing. These cases, which constitute the majority of this concept list, are marked with help of an asterisk preceding the gloss.

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