Concept list KochGrunberg 1914 821

List used by Koch-Grünberg to compare languages of the Tukanoan family (Desano, Yahuna, Yupua and Koretu). This list contains, among other things, words for human body parts, animals, plants, colors and objects. A considerable part of the list contains concepts that are culturally specific for the region where those languages were spoken. Theodore Koch-Grünberg largerly used the same concepts of this list to collect data from neighboring Tukanoan, Arawakan and Makuan languages in his 1902-1903 travels. Portuguese and English translations for the original German list were added. We have added all those entries from the original data where we can find a gloss with a concrete translation by the author, cases where only grammatical markers or other aspects not pertaining to the lexicon were discussed are thus not rendered here.

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