Concept list List 2014 1280

This is the concept list underlying the Database of Cross-Linguistic Colexifications (CLICS). This list is a subset of the concept list underlying the Key 2016 1310 and it offers an extended colexification analysis of all data underlying the 2007 version of the IDS along with data from different sources. Instead of providing full graphs for the networks, we provide links to the major clusters for each concept in CLICS. CLICS distinguishes two different kinds of cluster analyses: a community analysis, which can be accessed via the link in the CLUSTER_URL column, and a subgraph analysis, which can be accessed via the link in the SUBGRAPH_URL column. The column COMMUNITY_LABEL list the most central node in each of the community clusters in CLICS. The column FREQUENCY lists the number of times a translation for a given concept occurs in the CLICS data, and the columns DEGREE and WEIGHTED_DEGREE contains the unweighted and weighted degree for each node, the former referring to the number of concepts to which a given concept links, and the latter to the number of languages in which the concept links to any other concept.

Id English Concept set