Concept list Loukotka 1954 45

This 45-item list was used in a comparative study of South American languages and served as the basis for their preliminary classification (Loukotka 1944). Since the list is not readily available as it was not officially provided by the author, it was retrieved from Rowe 1954. Moreover, the study contains a lot of unpublished material, and Loukotka gives no discussion of the evidence for the classification which is claimed to be based on a rather rudimentary method. What also needs to be mentioned is the discrepancy between the Spanish gloss tigre and its English translation wildcat, added by the author himself. We suspect that the reference was made in relation to the so-called «big cat», the more general term of wild cat species belonging to the genus Panthera. Interestingly, the same peculiar discrepancy could also be found in Huber 1992 375, which seems to confirm our assumption.

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