Concept list Maciejewski 2016 100

The list comprises relative meaning frequencies for 100 homonyms (British eDom Norms) and other lexical norms. For feasibility, each line of the table was duplicated to map the different meanings to one of the concepts found in Concepticon. The meaning definition was taken from the Wordsmyth dictionary Parks et al. 1998. The dominance scores were included from Armstrong et al. 2012. Word frequencies and number of orthographic neighbours were based on the British National Corpus Consortium 2007. The numbers for word senses were taken from Parks et al. 1998 and WordNet Fellbaum 1998. Semantic diversity values were included from Hoffman et al. 2013. Ratings on familiarity, concreteness, and imageability were taken from Stadthagen-Gonzalez and Davis 2006 and Coltheart 1981.

Id English Concept set