Concept list Monnier 2014 1031

The stimulus set contained 1,031 French words (969 nouns and 62 adjectives). The words in FAN cover a wide range of categories (objects, animals, food, and concepts). Ratings were made using the Self-Assessment Manikin Lang 1980. Although the materials were words, the column PICTURE_SOURCE lists picture sources, when available («AF» for Alario and Ferrand 1999; «B» for Bonin et al. 2003). Six additional objective psycholinguistic indices were taken from Lexique 3.80 New et al. 2004. The ratings for the subjective psycholinguistic index imageability were taken from Bonin et al. 2011, Desrochers and Bergeron 2000, and Gonthier et al. 2009.

Id French Concept set