Concept list Ringe 2002 333

This list was used for a cladistic study of 24 Indo-European languages (Ringe et al. 2002). The authors describe the list as being derived from the two traditional Swadesh lists (Swadesh 1952 200, and Swadesh 1955 100), to which they added an additional number of 121 lexical items which are supposed to be indicative of subgrouping of Indo-European languages. The first two Swadesh lists originally make up about 207 items, but since the compilers further split five items into two sets, the «Swadesh part» of the list consists of 212 items in total. For this reason, the complete list contains 333 items. The compilers give further specifications of some of their concepts which we added in an additional column called ANNOTATION. Since many of these specifications are, however, optional, they were not entirely considered to carry out the mapping.

Id English Concept set