Concept list Rzymski 2020 1624

This is the concept list underlying the third release of the Database of Cross-Linguistic Colexifications (CLICS3) (for the first version see, List et al. 2014. The data comprises 3156 language varieties and 2906 distinct Concepticon concept sets. Instead of providing full graphs for the networks, we provide links to the major clusters for each concept in CLICS. The column CENTRAL_CONCEPT lists the most central node in each of the community clusters in CLICS3. The community identifier is listed in column COMMUNITY. The columns FAMILY_FREQUENCY, LANGUAGE_FREQUENCY and WORD_FREQUENCY list the number of times a translation for a given concept occurs in the CLICS3 data. The columns DEGREE, WEIGHTED_FAMILY_DEGREE and WEIGHTED_LANGUAGE_DEGREE contain the unweighted and weighted degree for each node.

Id English Concept set