Concept list SatterthwaitePhillips 2011 423

This is an expanded meaning list combining parts of the lists proposed by Matisoff 1978 200 and the well known lists of Swadesh 1952 200 and Swadesh 1955 100. Note that although the author mentions in his thesis on page 44 that a total of 410 words (meanings) were used to collect the data, we find as many as 423 words, including some duplicate entries, but also some entries which are obviously near synonyms but were probably split into different semantic slots by the author (who himself marks seven additional entries as not belonging to the original concept). The ENGLISH column reflects the concept glosses as listed in Appendix 1 of the work, while the SPREADSHEET column reflects the concept glosses as used in an excel spreadsheet containing the raw data which the author was so friendly to provide us. Entries marked with an asterisk in the SPREADSHEET column seem to reflect items which also occur on traditional concept lists; entries ending on the percentage character are those marked as later added by the author in the original source. Why some entries in the SPREADSHEET column are marked with two greater-then characters in the spreadsheet data of the author is not entirely clear to us, but we kept it in order to provide all information that is available.

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