Concept list Swadesh 1960 200

According to the source, this list should be equivalent with Swadesh's Swadesh 1952 200. This is, however, not the case, since the list differs greatly in the labels for the glosses originally used by Swadesh. Given the idiosyncratic structure of labeling which uses dash-symbols to label concepts with help of two glosses (e.g., «hold-take», «meat-flesh»), it is much more likely that the source would use the Gudschinsky 1956 200. It is, not exactly identical with Gudschinsky's version of Swadesh's list of 200 items, since it uses slightly different concept labels in which, for example, question marks for interrogatives are omitted. In the mapping to our Concepticon, however, these minor modifications in the labels do not show up and all items are mapped to the same concept. We add it in our collection in order to illustrate how easily changes have been propagated in the history of concept list compilation.

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