Concept list Ardila 2007 40

This list was created as an alternative to current naming tests which are used in medicine to determine degrees of aphasia and for similar purposes. For this reason, the tests are usually accompanied by images, and the same holds for this test, which, in contrast to earlier tests, like the Boston Naming Test, uses the idea of Swadesh lists as a new starting point for the creation of a test list. According to the author, the list has 38 items from the list of Swadesh 1955 100 and 2 items from the list of Swadesh 1952 200, namely «snake» and «worm». The item selection was based on different factors, including recognizability on images, a coverage of five core semantic categories. Note that the list we give here was merged from two tables in the original paper (one containing the test items, the other translations in additional languages).

This conceptlist contains glosses in more languages than we can display. Please refer to the data on GitHub for a complete list.
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