Concept list Borin 2015 1532

This list is basically identical with the concept list used in the Key 2016 1310, yet it contains an additional mapping to the Princeton Wordnet provided by the compiler. It thus defines additional metadata that may be useful for different purposes. Note that the linking to the Princeton Wordnet is not unique, but one to many: One concept of the original concept list may be linked to multiple senses of the Princeton Wordnet. The additional columns give the identifier used in the Intercontinental Dictionary Series (IDS_KEY), the Princeton Wordnet Word Sense (PWN_WORD_SENSE), the definition of the Princeton Wordnet (PWN_DEFINITION). As additional links which may turn out to be useful, we added the corresponding synsets of the Princeton Wordnet (PWN_SYNSET), the part of speech as defined for the synset by the Princeton Wordnet, and a weblink to the Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW_URL).

Id English Concept set