Concept list Bowern 2012 205

This list was originally intended to be used for a study on Pama-Nyungan languages. It was inspired by an earlier version of the Blust 2008 210. Later on, the authors decided to reduce the list by 15 items, since they turned out to be hard to find in for all languages in the sample, or since the were depended in two many languages which would have the same word for two different concepts. Note that the list itself is supposed to have only 204 concepts, but in the source, the authors list 205, with the concept «thou» occuring twice, one time as «you.SG» and one time as «thou». The items which were excluded are marked with a cross in the column named EXCLUDED. Words which do not occur in the Swadesh 1955 100 or Swadesh 1952 200 lists are marked by an asterisk. Items marked with a star occured A similar list was used for a Bowern 2011 204.

Id English Concept set