Concept list Mennecier 2016 183

This concept list was underlying a study on Central Asian language varieties (Turkic and Indo-Iranian dialects). The data description is a bit confusing, as the authors list in their abstract that they used a Swadesh 1952 200 which they reduced to 176 items. In the supplementary table 1, they then mention that they excluded 21 of the 200 concepts, but they do not mention that they added to more concepts (AUTUMN and BUTTERFLY) in the table they show in supplementary material 1, and the total number of concepts expected in this table is also not 181, but 188, so they obviously used the Comrie and Smith 1977. In the supplementary table 2, however, there are only 183 concepts, which we now list as such in our Concepticon. The column ENGLISH_1 corresponds to the summary table in supplementary table 1, from where we also took the Russian translations.

Id English Russian Concept set