Concept list Swadesh 1955 215

Apart from Swadesh's most famous concept list of Swadesh 1955 100, the article from 1955 gives the full Swadesh 1950 215 first presented in Swadesh 1955 in ranked form with stability percentages and assignment of all items to semantic fields. This list combines two tables in the paper, the table which groups the items according to categories, and the table showing the stabilities. Items marked with an asterisk refer to those 92 items which were later selected for the 100 item list (eight more items are only mentioned in the text but not included in the table). In some cases the concept labels slightly diverged in the two tables. This was indicated by adding the different concept label in the list on semantic categories (page 133) to the main field and separating it by a back slash.

Id English Concept set