Concept list Teit 1908 693

The given 693-item-list underlies an extended study on the distribution of the dialects of the Interior Salish language, conducted by James Teit in 1908. The original lists are titled “Vocabulary in Okanagan and Related Dialects” and include three Interior Salishan varieties: Okanagan, Kalispel and Columbia. However, the study the current list was retrieved from focuses on just the Okanagan language and its three varieties, namely Sanpoil, Colville and Lake dialects. The original numbering of the list that indicates 636 entries in total is potentionally problematic as the list is missing number 125 and does not include the “sub-entries”, i.e. groups of related concepts. Moreover, in some cases, English glosses were incomplete so we have added them in square brackets.

Id English Concept set