Concept list Verheyen 2020 1000

The data set comprises various norms for Dutch adjectives. The norms include the lexicosemantic variables age of acquisition, familiarity, concreteness, and imageability; the affective variables valence, arousal, and dominance; and a variety of distributional variables, including network statistics resulting from a large-scale word association study. The stimuli were selected from Berrian et al. 1979, De Deyne et al. 2014, and van Loon-Vervoorn 1985. The CELEX frequency norms are taken from Baayen et al. 1993. The SUBTLEX frequency norms are based on Keuleers et al. 2010. The variables in-strength and betweenness were taken from the Small World of Words project (, see De Deyne et al. 2019.

Id Dutch Concept set