Concept list Johansson 2020 11

This list of 11 color concepts underlies the study on cross-linguistic color sound symbolism. The language data come from the corpus compiled by Johansson 2020 344 for an investigation of 344 basic vocabulary items in 245 language families. The acoustic properties of the phonemes were obtained from audio recordings in the Seeing Speech database Lawson et al. 2015. The characteristics of the colors are represented in the columns MUNSELL, SATURATION, RGB, HUE, HUE_D, WARMTH, SAT_WITZEL, LUMINANCE, A and B. The latter three measurements were calculated based on the previously published CIELAB coordinates in the World Color Survey Regier et al. 2005. The A and B columns represent the coordinates of each color in the CIEL space, a 3D color space with a psychologically meaningful distance metric. SAT_WITZEL refers to the saturation ratings from the study by Witzel and Franklin 2014. Finally, HUE_D lists the measurements for a darker hue of each color.

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