Concept list Nurse 1975 1038

Tanzania Language Survey was conducted in the early 1970s, but never published as a whole. As a result, the data we have for it is based on the description in the Comparative Bantu Online Dictionary, which provides a partially digitized version of the original data and also the source of the concept list we provide here. Since the original concept list, being part of the database, faced apparent limits due to computational machinery (glosses of a certain length were exceeding the limit of a cell), there are varying numbers of concepts that have been discussed. The website talks about 1079 concepts, while only 1038 are numbered consecutively in the database, and the rest are numbered alphabetically, and the entry 929 is missing. Due to a lack of further information, we decided to limit the number of concepts in the list to those 1037 items that are given direct numbers, but we cannot tell if this reflects the numbering of the original.

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